Help! My Car Has Been Robbed!

5 Tips to Prevent Theft from Your Car

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping. Unfortunately, sometimes holiday shopping means thieves filling their gift list with items from your car. Car theft and break-ins are common occurrences during this time of year. However, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of having your belongings stolen from your car. The experts at In and Out Tire Pros in Millsboro on Betts Pond Road discuss five essential tips to help you protect your vehicle and its contents.

TIP 1: Lock Your Doors. It may seem obvious, but many thefts occur because people forget to lock their car doors, or assume their doors automatically lock when they walk away with their FOB. Always double-check that your car is locked before leaving it unattended.

TIP 2: Park in Well-Lit Areas. The shadows in the dark are a criminals best friend. Park your car in well-lit areas, especially at night. Bright lighting can deter potential thieves and make your car a less appealing target (and keep you safer when getting in and out of your car).

TIP 3: Hide Valuables. Don’t leave tempting items in plain sight. Keep valuable items like laptops, smartphones, and bags out of view. Utilize your trunk or place them in the glove compartment when you’re not in the car.

TIP 4: Tint Your Windows. Tinted windows not only provide privacy but also make it harder for thieves to see what’s inside your car. Be sure to comply with local laws and regulations regarding window tinting.

TIP 5: Keep Your Vehicle’s Registration and Insurance Card Secure. Don’t store your vehicle’s registration and insurance information in the glove compartment. Instead, keep these documents in a secure location to prevent identity theft if your car is broken into.

In and Out Tire Pros in Millsboro cares about you. And, they want to keep you and your possessions safe this holiday season. Not only those items that are in your car, but also the components that make up your car itself. For more information on how to prevent car components getting stolen, check out The Girls Auto Clinic’s blog: The CAT Burglar is on the Prowl.

Preventing theft from your car is about taking proactive steps to protect your belongings and your vehicle. Remember that safety starts with you, and a few precautions can go a long way in keeping your car and its contents secure. Also remember, should you need any auto care, repairs, or maintenance, the experts at In and Out Tire Pros is here to help.

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