One or 4? What You Need to Know About Replacing Your Tires

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When One Tire Goes Bad, Should You Replace Just One, Two, or All Four Tires? Here’s What You Need to Know

Off you were driving to the Concord Pet Adoption event in Millsboro, when suddenly your car’s front, passenger-side tire blew. So, instead of checking out the puppies that were available for adoption, you headed toward In and Out Tire Pros on Betts Pond Road. But that got you to thinking: what happens when one tire goes bad? Should you replace just that one, two, or all four tires? To answer this questions, the experts at In and Out look into this common dilemma and explore the best practices for tire replacement.

The Case for Replacing One Tire

Replacing just one tire might seem like the most economical option. But it’s often not recommended unless your tires are relatively new and the remaining three are in good condition. So, to determine this, let’s look at the key factors to consider:

  1. Tread Depth Matching: If the other three tires have minimal wear, it’s possible to replace just the damaged one. However, significant differences in tread depth can affect your vehicle’s handling and stability.
  2. Tire Type and Brand: Matching the new tire with the exact type and brand of the existing ones is crucial. Because, different brands and models can have variations in tread patterns and rubber compounds. And this will affect the vehicle’s balance.
  3. Vehicle Specifications: Some modern vehicles, especially those with all-wheel drive (AWD), require all four tires to have closely matched tread depths to avoid strain on the drivetrain.

The Argument for Replacing Two Tires

Replacing two tires can be a good compromise when one tire goes bad and the others are moderately worn. And here’s why:

  1. Balanced Handling: Installing two new tires on the same axle (usually the rear) can help maintain balanced handling and stability. And this is especially true in adverse conditions like rain or snow.
  2. Cost Efficiency: While more expensive than replacing just one, changing two tires is still more cost-effective than replacing all four. And can provide a safer driving experience.
  3. Wear Consistency: Pairing the new tires on the same axle ensures that wear patterns remain consistent. And this is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and safety.

The Benefits of Replacing All Four Tires

Though it’s the most expensive option, replacing all four tires can sometimes be the best choice. So, let consider these benefits:

  1. Optimal Performance: New tires all around ensure your vehicle handles, brakes, and accelerates as intended by the manufacturer. And this is particularly important for vehicles with AWD, where even minor differences in tire circumference can cause issues.
  2. Enhanced Safety: New tires offer maximum tread depth, improving traction and reducing the risk of hydroplaning. And this is especially important if you live in an area with heavy rain or snow.
  3. Long-Term Savings: By ensuring all tires wear evenly, you can maximize their lifespan and avoid the need for more frequent replacements.

Special Considerations

  • AWD Vehicles: These vehicles often require all four tires to be closely matched in tread depth to prevent damage to the drivetrain. So, always check your vehicle’s manual or consult with the tire professionals at In and Out Tire Pros.
  • Rotation and Alignment: When replacing tires, consider having your wheels aligned and balanced. Because, proper alignment extends the life of your tires and improves handling.
  • Tire Maintenance: Regularly check tire pressure, rotate your tires according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, inspect them for uneven wear to prolong their life and ensure safety.

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When faced with a bad tire, In and Out Tire Pros can Help you Decide Whether to Replace One, Two, or all Four

It’s important to remember, always consult with the In and Out Tire Pros professional to determine the best course of action for your specific situation. Because, prioritizing safety and performance will not only protect you and your passengers but also save you money in the long run by preventing uneven tire wear and potential vehicle damage.

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