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Understanding Black Ice and How to Stay Safe While on the Road

First Alert Meteorologist Bob Trihy of WRDE – Coast TV in Delaware has reported on another windy and rainy storm headed our way this weekend. And along with rain, wind and snow, comes the possibility of black ice. Black ice, also known as invisible ice or clear ice, forms when moisture on the road freezes without creating any visible ice patches. As a result, drivers are often caught off guard, as the ice is virtually impossible to see.

Why the Right Tires Matter

One key factor in reducing the risks associated with black ice is the right set of tires. Because the appropriate tire is critical for maintaining control and reducing the likelihood of accidents. So, in this blog post, the experts at In and Out Tire Pros explore the qualities that make tires effective in handling black ice and recommend some of the best options available.

Key Qualities of Tires for Black Ice

Choosing the right tires for your car or truck can save you big in the long run. So, here are some features you should consider and why.

Traction on Ice

    • Look for tires specifically designed to provide excellent traction on icy surfaces. Because, tires with advanced rubber compounds and tread patterns designed for icy conditions can significantly enhance grip.


    • Siping refers to the small slits in the tire’s tread that create additional biting edges. And, tires with well-designed siping can improve traction on slippery surfaces, making them particularly effective on black ice.

Winter Tread Compound

    • Look for tires with a winter-specific rubber compound. Because, these compounds remain pliable in colder temperatures. And, this ensures better contact with the road and improved performance on icy surfaces.

Studless Tires

    • Studless winter tires are specifically engineered for winter conditions without the need for metal studs. And, they provide excellent traction on ice and snow. Also, they provide a quieter and smoother ride compared to studded alternatives.

Tread Depth

    • Adequate tread depth is important for effective traction on ice. So, look for tires with deep grooves and consider replacing them if the tread wears down over time.

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Top Tire Recommendations for Black Ice


    • Michelin has tires that are known for exceptional ice and snow performance. And the ASE certified tire technicians at In & Out Tire Pros on Betts Pond Road can help you pick out the best tire for your vehicle.


    • Bridgestone offer tires designed with a unique Multicell Compound that bites into ice, providing enhanced traction. They also have 3D sipes and zigzag tread pattern contribute to superior grip on icy surfaces.


In and Out Tire Pros has the perfect tire that will keep you safe on the road.

When it comes to handling the hazards of black ice, choosing the right set of tires is a key step toward ensuring safety on winter roads. And, by making an informed choice, you can confidently face winter’s challenges and reduce the risks associated with driving on black ice. In & Out Tire Pros is here to help.

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