What You Need to Know to Keep Your Warranty in Good Standing

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Your Car or Truck’s Warranty is Your Best Friend when Vehicle Issues Arise

Indian River Volunteer Fire Company responded to a vehicle fire in Sussex County on Friday. And this got us thinking about the importance of a good vehicle warranty.

Making sure that your car or truck’s warranty stays in good standing is crucial to protect your investment. Because, it ensure that you receive the benefits of covered repairs and services. So, in this blog, the experts at In and Out Tire Pros provides this comprehensive guide on what you can do to keep your vehicle’s warranty intact.

1. Understand Your Warranty Coverage

First and foremost, read and understand the details of your warranty. And this includes:

  • Duration and Mileage Limits: Know the time frame and mileage under which your warranty is valid.
  • Covered Components: Be aware of what parts and systems are covered.
  • Exclusions: Understand what is not covered to avoid any surprises.

2. Follow the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule

It is essential to adher to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. And this typically includes:

  • Oil Changes: Regular oil changes keep the engine running smoothly and prevent unnecessary wear.
  • Fluid Checks and Changes: Coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and other essential fluids need regular checks and changes.
  • Tire Rotations and Alignments: Ensure even tire wear and proper handling.
  • Filter Replacements: Regularly replace air, fuel, and oil filters to maintain optimal performance.

3. Use Authorized Service Centers

Whenever possible, use authorized dealerships or service centers like In and Out Tire Pros in Millsboro for maintenance and repairs. Because, this ensures that:

4. Keep Detailed Service Records

Maintain thorough records of all services and repairs performed on your vehicle. And this includes:

  • Receipts: Keep all receipts and invoices from service centers.
  • Service Logs: Document the date, mileage, and type of service performed.
  • Warranty Work: Note any warranty-related repairs or replacements.

5. Avoid Unauthorized Modifications

Modifying your vehicle with aftermarket parts or accessories can void your warranty. So, some common modifications to avoid include:

  • Engine Tuning: Any changes to the engine control unit (ECU) or performance tuning.
  • Suspension Alterations: Modifications to the suspension system.
  • Non-OEM Parts: Using parts that are not from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

6. Address Issues Promptly

If you notice any issues with your vehicle, address them promptly. Because, ignoring small problems can lead to larger, more expensive issues. And could potentially void your warranty if the problem worsens due to neglect.

7. Stay Within Warranty Limits

Be mindful of your warranty’s time and mileage limits. So, if you approach the end of either limit, schedule a thorough inspection to identify any potential issues while the warranty is still in effect.

8. Report Accidents and Damage

Report any accidents or damage to your insurance. And get repairs done at an authorized service center like In and Out Tire Pros. Because, not addressing collision damage properly can lead to further issues that may not be covered by your warranty.

9. Understand Your Responsibilities

Understand your responsibilities as the vehicle owner, including:

  • Routine Maintenance: You are responsible for performing and documenting routine maintenance.
  • Timely Repairs: Ensure repairs are done timely to avoid exacerbating issues.

10. Stay Informed

Stay updated on any recalls or service bulletins for your vehicle. Because, addressing these promptly can prevent issues that might impact your warranty coverage.

In and Out Tire Pros Can Help You Stay Informed and Keep You Warranty-Eligible

By following these steps, you can ensure that your car or truck’s warranty remains in good standing. And this not only protects you from unexpected repair costs but also helps in maintaining your vehicle. And always remember, In and Out Tire Pros on Betts Pond Road in Millsboro is your partner in fast, affordable car care.

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