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This week’s warm weather may have you wondering if it’s time to change your tires. In and Out Tires will help you with that!

Millsboro residents will see some warmer temperatures this week with a glimpse of spring later this week. The warming trend may have your thoughts turning to springtime activities like road trips and changing your tires from winter tires that grip cold, icy roads to all-weather or summertime tires that are best on hot, sun-baked roadways.

Generally, the first thought that arises at this time of year is – do I really need to change from winter tires to a tire more appropriate to the summer heat? Of course, the answer is that no, you don’t have to change from winter tires but, as thedrive.com points out, it’s not wise to drive on winter tires year-round.

“It’s possible to run winter tires all year, but it’s not a good idea. It might also be illegal, depending on the type of winter tire you have and where you live,” thedrive.com says. “The rubber compounds in winter tires are designed to perform best in colder temperatures, which means they can become very soft and wear down quickly when the mercury rises. It’s also important to remember that some areas have laws against running winter tires year-round, especially if they’re studded.”

Once you’ve decided to change to an all-weather tire, you’ve got to decide if your tires from last year are good enough to  use again or whether they’re in bad shape and need to be replaced. Thedrive.com points out that a “lot can go wrong with a tire, so it’s important to constantly check that it’s up to snuff.”

Thedrive.com offers this checklist to help you decide if your summer tires need to be replaced:

  • Pressure: Measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), this refers to the air pressure inside the tires.
  • Tread depth: This refers to how deep the exterior ridges of the tire are.
  • Punctures: Check for anything that has penetrated the tire that could cause air to leak out.
  • Cracks/dry-rotting: Look for cracks or splits in the tire. If found, the tire is not safe for driving and should be replaced immediately.
  • Over/under inflation: Inflating a tire with too much or too little air will cause uneven tread wear and will detract from its full performance capabilities.
  • Balance: The mass distribution of tires needs to be even and balanced in order to function properly.”

If you’re not sure what’s best, it’s time to consult the trusted Millsboro tire technicians at In and Out Tires for help. In and Out carries all brands, sizes and style of tire to fit any car or driving style. While you’re here, ask about our specials.

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