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Your car would not start when you headed out on your driving tour of Millsboro’s holiday lights.

You were thrilled to see a list of lights at homes across the Millsboro area. So, you immediately sat down and designed your own “plan of attack” for a driving tour to see as many of the displays as possible in one evening. Then, you piled the kids into the car and started out. But, Nothing. The car wouldn’t start. Both you and the kids were horribly disappointed.

Cars that won’t start in cold weather are so common that they’ve almost become a national punchline.

Cold weather can be hard on a car’s battery, alternator, fuel system, and engine oil. But, it’s also possible that the cold has only highlighted a weakness in the system. And, the most likely place to find the culprit is among those four components and systems.

The most common reason for non-starting in the cold is a weak or dead battery. Because, the cold slows the chemical reactions in the battery until they lack the strength to make the battery work. At the same time, says, oil in the car is getting thicker and needs more energy to do its job. However, the battery can no longer supply that added energy. So, the car refuses to start.

Aid from the Alternator is also compromised.

The alternator charges the battery while the engine is running. But, it must work harder as the battery grows weaker. So, suggests that the alternator be tested. And, if it flunks the test, it should be replaced.

The Fuel Systems Role in your no-start Car

Another possibility is the fuel system. Over time, water condenses in the fuel system. And, if it freezes, then it can block the fuel from supplying the car. Once the ice melts, the car should start.

The easiest way to figure out what the problem is is to take your car to In and Out Tires on Betts Pond Road in Millsboro.

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