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An oil excess can do as much damage to your engine as the failure to routinely change oil.

You decided to get away from the holiday madness at home by taking a walk along Lewes BeachAnd, you were basking in the thrill that Santa Claus had done well. Even more, your ego was praising itself on your first DIY oil change. Because, you felt as if you met a challenge to save money by doing a simple task

But when you headed back home, you noticed white smoke coming out of the tailpipe. And, your oil pressure gauge was high. Plus, your check engine light was on. Those are some classic signs that you overfilled the oil while changing it. And, you added too much oil to the engine.

How Much Oil Is Too Much Oil?

It is not as hard as you might think to over-fill your oil. After all, your dipstick does not have a precise mark saying, “too much oil.” Therefore, you added a bit over the top line but not too much. However, it’s a quart more than your car needs and now you run the danger of harming your engine.

An oil excess can be caused in several ways. For example,  you could have failed to properly drain old engine oil when doing an oil change. Or, you added too much oil to the new filter. And, if those simple mistakes didn’t cause the problem, you may find that the extra ‘oil’ is actually a combination of fluids. For example, condensation can build up inside an engine. And, fuel can get past a faulty seal. Or a failing head gasket can allow coolant to leak. In any of these scenarios, you’ll have an excess of diluted oil that can cause serious damage.”

If you find you have over-filled the oil, you need to get rid of it. So, says the safest way to get rid of it is to get a new oil change. Even though you just changed the oil, you need to re-do it. Because, the excess oil has to go. 

If you are not comfortable with performing a new oil change, you should get your car towed to a professional oil change tech. 

What happens if I don’t get rid of the excess oil?

Millsboro Auto Care | Millsboro Oil Change | Millsboro Auto Repair explains one possible result of failing to drain excess oil: “With too much oil in your engine, its fluid level in the oil pan will be so high that it can be splashed. …. The crankshaft lobes and connecting rod ‘big ends.’ … can whip the oil into a frothy consistency, like a well-emulsified salad dressing.  And, (that would) impede its flow through your engine to lubricate moving parts. The result is a form of oil starvation and drastic engine wear.”

Other problems caused by over-filling the oil include pressure and friction on the crankshaft. Wet spark plugs and engine damage can follow.

If you don’t feel safe changing the oil, you need to see a professional oil tech. You can find trusted professionals at In and Out Tires on Betts Pond Road in Millsboro.

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