A Wheel Alignment Make for the Best Straight Steering

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In and Out Tires will realign your tires so your car drives straight ahead.

You were driving home from the Antique Mall a day or so ago when your car began pulling to one side even though you had not turned the steering wheel. And, it’s been doing it ever since.

Most likely, your tires are out of alignment. So, to address this issue, the experts at In and Out Tire Pros in Millsboro explain wheel alignments and why they are so important.

What is Tire Alignment and Why is it Important?

Tire alignment refers to how your tires line up, or align, beneath the vehicle. Tires — and wheels — become misaligned when you hit a pothole, for example. And when tires are misaligned, they will wear unevenly and put more stress on the suspension. So, by adjusting the suspension, mechanics can get the wheels and tires to better align.  And this allows them they spin in harmony with each other as the car moves forward,” chase.com explains.

Your tires can get out of alignment simply by virtue of driving over the daily bumps in the road. Or sometimes a pothole or other hazard will knock your tires askew. But, a realignment, a regular part of car and tire care, will usually fix the problem. Yet other times, you need to have your wheels aligned to fix other issues that pop up. Chase.com lists four times you should have a Millsboro auto repair technician check to see if an alignment is needed

What Are Indications that My Wheels Need Aligned?

  • “Crooked steering: If you’re on a straight highway and your car starts to veer, or pull to one side, this can be a sign to align your tires.
  • “New vibrations or sounds: A new or worsening humming noise, vibration or anything out of the ordinary could mean the suspension needs maintenance.
  • Expedited or uneven tire wear: When one of your tires has more treadwear than the others, this might indicate it’s time for an alignment.
  • “You hit a curb or rough debris: Though bumping a curb or driving through some rough terrain may seem like nothing at first, the impact may throw-off your alignment.”

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