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Unsure if it makes sense to switch to winter tires this year? The Millsboro tire specialists at In and Out Tires can help you make the right decision.

In some ways, it seems the year 2020 has dragged on and will never end. Then, suddenly, we’re past Thanksgiving and staring winter weather and the winter holidays, like Christmas, in the eye.  Winter weather in Millsboro means heavy coats and maybe even sweaters for short-haired dogs. Colder weather also means changes for your car. Things like tire changes from summer or all-season to winter, or snow, tires. 

After thinking about winter tires, many drivers follow up that thought with the questions – should I get winter tires and are winter tires really worth it?

The answer is that, it depends.

“Tires are literally where the rubber meets the road, and it’s crucial that these four contact points maintain grip. For many drivers that means swapping the usual all-season tires for winter ones that are especially suited for snowy, slick roads. Is that something you should do?” asks. “The short answer is: If you live in the snow belt or parts of the country that experience freezing temperatures for about four months out of the year, then yes. If that’s you, swapping to winter tires from December to mid-April is a good idea.’

That’s because all-season, or summer tires, don’t provide enough road grip in really cold weather.  That general statement might not provide enough help for a specific driver to make a decision about his or her situation. The best thing to do is find a trusted Millsboro tire pro, like the tire technicians at In and Out Tires, and discuss your situation and options with them. 

If you opt not to get winter tires, it’s a good idea to take some other precautions as the cold season approaches. In particular, suggests “you check your tread to make sure your tires aren’t balding or worn down, make sure your tire pressure is at the recommended level (most cars have a sticker in the driver’s door panel with such information), and that you keep extra space between you and the car ahead. Rain and slick roads make stopping take longer.”

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