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If you’re looking for a Millsboro auto care and auto repair service center you can trust, look no further than In and Out.

Bill and Rita Schrider have built In and Out Tire Pros into the top auto care and auto repair service center in Millsboro. They’ve done it by attention to customers’ needs and to making sure they also pay attention to the environment.

Take battery replacement for example.

In a traditional car, In and Out not only replaces your battery but ensures that the old battery is recycled. That way, fewer resources are needed for the manufacture of new batteries and toxic chemicals are kept out of waste sites.

In and Out also services hybrid vehicles. In and Out has developed a method of conditioning your battery so you get increased fuel economy, better vehicle performance and cost savings. An extra plus is that battery conditioning allows a battery to be re-used rather than being disposed of and potentially harming the environment.

In and Out is a member of the Hybrid Shop, a network of high-end auto repair dealers, each trained and equipped to diagnose, service, maintain and repair everything in a hybrid vehicle. THS will not only allow you to save thousands of dollars on all services and repairs for your hybrid, but it also helps you save the planet by reducing the number of batteries that enter the waste stream.

All of In and Out’s work is at a price point that’s consumer friendly.

In and Out goes further than auto care and auto repair. In and Out also has a full line of interior and exterior accessories to make your car or truck reflect you.

For a locally, family-owned owned Millsboro auto service center you can trust, check out In and Out Tire Pros.

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