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It’s one of a driver’s many nightmares. You’re headed to the dog park when you have a flat tire. Now you’re stuck in a car in cold weather with an energetic dog that’s eager to get out and run. You don’t want to pull over, especially if you’re in heavy traffic, but you’re not sure how far you can go on a flat.

Not very far, according to At least not if you want to save the rim and the tire.

“When you realize a tire is flat while driving, remain calm but take action immediately. Slow down and pull off the roadway into a safe area away from traffic, the National Safety Council advises. There are times, however, when the nearest safe area is the next exit ramp, or some other distant location,” says. “‘Fortunately, it’s possible to ‘drive several hundred yards before you irreparably destroy the tire,’ according to Car Talk.

“It might therefore be smarter to drive slowly (not more than 20 mph, or 32 km/h) to a safe stopping point, rather than to stop on a busy highway. The National Safety Council advises, ‘It is better to roll the car off the roadway … and into a safe place than it is to stop in traffic and risk a rear-end or side collision from other vehicles.’”

Your best bet is to care for your tires to make it less likely that you’ll find yourself stranded with a flat tire. The Millsboro tire specialists at In and Out Tires can help you with tire care, tire repair and tire replacement.

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