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In and Out Tires will get you going when your car won’t start.

It’s cold, rainy and all around miserable. The last thing you want to do is head off for work. So, what happens? Your car won’t start. You’d like to kick the car and then crawl back into your warm bed. Unfortunately, you need that paycheck.

It’s not unusual for a car to refuse to start in cold weather. Generally, you can blame it on the battery but there are other culprits.

“Starting your car on a chilly day only to find that the engine won’t turn over is frustrating. If the battery is older, it could be dead. Try jump-starting the vehicle. If it starts, you should drive the car to the nearest mechanic or service center to have the vehicle inspected and the battery replaced, if necessary,” according to “If the battery is new, thick engine oil, a bad starter or alternator, faulty spark plugs or frozen fuel lines might cause the car not to start. Tow your car to the nearest service center or mechanic to accurately diagnose and resolve the problem.”

You can find a trusted Millsboro auto repair technician at In and Out Tires to track down your car’s malfunction and to fix it.

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