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In and Out Tires can help you choose the right oil to aid your car in coping with the stress of a hot summertime.

You were headed out to the Nanticoke Museum when the oil change light on your dash flickered on. As usual, you made a mental note of it and promptly forgot about changing your oil. But it’s been a couple of weeks now and the light hasn’t gone away and now you’re wondering if there’s anything special you should know when you go to have your oil changed.

Well, maybe. Deciding on the correct oil is a bit more complicated than simply pointing to a bottle on a shelf. You should take several items into consideration, according to Among those are the time of the year, the car manufacturer’s specifications, where you drive and how much stress you put on your car.

First, says, you should use a multi-viscosity oil so it functions well as the temperature changes. And, synthetic oil is better for engines that undergo stress.

“Synthetic oil has been refined to the point where it contains fewer impurities than standard engine oil, and it also makes use of unique detergents and additives that can better protect against the stress of high RPMs on a hot summer’s day. Synthetics are also much more capable when it comes to resisting the foaming and thinning that can be caused by very high engine temperatures,” says. “In some cases if you’re hitting the race track or towing on a regular basis, one of the best summer oil choices you can make is to switch to a full-synthetic formulation.”

If you put a lot of stress on your engine, says you should be diligent about oil changes. That could include changing your oil more frequently.

“Does your summer driving regimen include dirt roads, off-road trails or gravel tracks that kick up substantial dust? If the answer is yes, then it’s likely that you’ll need to change your summer oil and oil filter more often than what the manufacturer recommends,” says. “You also need to be honest about your driving habits. You may be shocked to find that your boring daily commute may actually put your car in the severe-duty service schedule. At that point you will need service more often than normal.”

If you’re not sure what’s best, consult with a trusted Millsboro auto care pro before you change the oil. If you don’t have a reliable Millsboro auto care mechanic, then it’s time to talk with the experts at In and Out Tires.

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