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If it’s time – or past time – to change your oil, drop in to see the Millsboro auto care technicians at In and Out Tires for help.

You spent part of the morning wandering around Cupola Park. It was very peaceful, but when you got back in your car, there was that nagging light. The light that reminds you to change your oil. It’s been lit for a month or so now. You just never seem to get around to having your oil changed.

Going a bit past the optimum time for an oil change isn’t a bad thing. Most of us do it at least once during a car’s lifetime. But it’s not wise to go too far past that deadline. And it’s definitely a major bad move to decide that your oil never needs changing.

“If you don’t do it, bad things happen to the oil itself that could cause extra wear and tear on your engine. … Many of the problems that arrive from prolonged oil usage actually come from additives, rather than the oil itself,” according to There are at least seven types of additives that are worse off as time passes and usage continues.

Just take detergents as one example.

“Detergents are present in the oil as a way to stop sludge from building up. As the oil ages, these detergents lose their effectiveness, allowing deposits to build up and block oil passageways within the engine. That, as you can probably guess, is a bad thing,” says.

And, to be honest, having your oil changed doesn’t take long. It also has the added benefit of having a Millsboro auto care technician take a look at your car to see if anything else is obviously wrong.

If you’re looking for a trusted Millsboro auto care specialist to change your oil and give your car a quick once over, look no further than the Millsboro auto care pros at In and Out Tires.

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