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Auto repair and auto care service centers like In and Out Tires are considered essential businesses and remain open during the COVD-19 coronavirus outbreak. In and Out Tires is open and ready to help you repair your car or keep it in good shape during this health emergency.

With the governor’s declaring a state of emergency because of the COVID-19 ccoronavirus, most people are hunkered down at home. Not only are people hunkered down, so are their cars.

But, as Consumer Reports points out, cars don’t like to remain idle for long. 

“Cars are meant to be driven. A car parked for extended periods risks the battery losing charge, tires gaining flat spots, rubber components such as belts and wipers drying out, and critters taking residence in your engine compartment,” Consumer Reports says.

What’s a car owner to do? Well, Consumer Reports suggests you drive your car for at least 20 minutes once a week to help keep the battery charged. The drive will also help keep the brakes in working order by knocking off rust and preventing the calipers from seizing.

You also should not neglect routine auto care such as oil changes and such, although you can delay them a bit. But, if your car had a problem before the pandemic hit, you should probably get it fixed now.

That’s not as difficult as it sounds. In and Out Tires is open for business as usual. Our certified technicians are here to help keep your car running and to make sure it’s ready for you when the isolation has ended. Our trusted mechanics can also help if you let your car sit a bit too long and your battery died, your tires went flat, or your brake calipers seized.

We’re here to help you. 

In and Out Tire Pros is a local, family owned auto care and auto repair service center that Bill and Rita Schrider have built into the top, trusted auto repair, auto care, and auto accessories service center in Millsboro. We are dedicated to giving you the very best auto repair and auto care service, with a focus on upfront and honest quotes, timely response to issues, and quality products and parts.

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