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Dry rot can even form in tires that aren’t driven often. Dry rot is an indication you need to replace your tires.

You were getting into your car to go to the Kite Fest in Ocean City when you noticed that the sidewalls of your tires were cracked. The presence of cracks surprised you because you have not been driving your car as often as usual during the pandemic.

Driving frequency has nothing much to do with the formation of dry rot. Tires that are in storage can develop dry rot with no use. But driving tires that have dry rot can be dangerous.

“Tires age as soon as they’re manufactured, ideally lasting up to 10 years, but shipping, handling and exposure accelerate aging and dry rot, shortening their life,” according to knowhow.napaonline.com. “If a tire dry rots, tire components, such as the tread, sidewalls, belts or bead wire, may separate. Tread separation or sidewall blowout at highway speeds could result in a crash.

Knowhow.napaonline.com adds, “A close look at your tires will help you determine whether they’re safe for service or ready for recycling. Cracks on the surface of the rubber, whether on the tread, shoulder or sidewall areas, are a good sign your tires are ready for recycling. These surface cracks are an indication that your tires have deeper cracks you can’t see, such as where the tread or sidewalls bond to the belts.”

If you’re unsure whether your tires are dry rotted or if you do need a new set of tires, it’s time to talk with the Millsboro tire specialists at In and Out Tires. In and Out Tires carries all brands, sizes and style of tire to suit any driver, driving need, or car.

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