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If your car is damaged  because you drove it on empty, In and Out Tires will fix the problem.

You were returning home last evening when you realized your fuel light had come on. You wonder how long it has been on because you have a bad habit of ignoring that light. Now you’re wondering how much gas is in the tank and how much longer you can go without a trip to the gas station. You don’t want to run out of gas and get stranded somewhere.

Running out of gas is not the only downside to driving on empty. Do it often enough and you can do real damage to your car.

The primary reason you shouldn’t run your car low on gas is that it can cause different engine parts to overheat. Running out of fuel negatively affects several important components, such as the fuel pump, engine, and catalytic converter,” according to progressivecom.

Progressive.com adds, “It’s bad to drive your car on empty if you do it regularly, but how little fuel is too little? Fortunately, your car will tell you with a low fuel warning light. When that light comes on, fuel up as soon as possible. Even better, fuel up before the light comes on to avoid damage to your car. Most of the risks of driving on empty are only a problem if you frequently run the car on low fuel. If you use the right fuel, don’t let the tank run too low, and take it easy on the car, you should be fine even if you find yourself low on fuel with no way to fill up soon.”

If you do damage your car, the trusted auto repair technicians at In and Out Tires will solve your problems.

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