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In and Out Tires will help If your catalytic converter is stolen or fails.

One national issue that’s hit car owners in Delaware is the theft of catalytic converters. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that the Delaware House is in the process of passing a bill members hope will cut down on the thefts.

“Catalytic converter theft is on the rise nationwide, new data shows,” usatoday.com says. ”
In 2022, thefts nationwide were 540% higher than all of 2020, public data company BeenVerified found. Thieves are slipping under cars to swipe catalytic converters, those pollution-control gadgets that contain precious metals that are in growing demand because of car emissions rules.

Catalytic converters can be removed with a battery-operated saw in minutes. They are then sold for a few hundred dollars to scrap recyclers.

“For ripped-off car owners, the pain has just begun. Replacing the catalytic converter can cost between $1,500 and $5,000, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. And insurance may not cover it.”

If you do become a victim of catalytic converter theft – or if your catalytic converter needs to be replaced – you’ll likely know it pretty quickly. Instead of that nice engine purr when you start up, you’ll likely hear a loud roar akin to a large, hungry tiger demanding breakfast.

If your catalytic converter is stolen or simply needs replacement, In and Out Tires can help. 

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