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The best way to remain safe on a winter road trip is to make sure your car is ready for the trip. In and Out Tires can help you with that.

You feel as if you’ve been locked into your home for years and you’ve got a bad case of cabin fever. You’re determined to take a late winter road trip to simply get away. It doesn’t matter if the destination isn’t far away – perhaps to White Clay Creek State Park – you just want to get away. And you understand the roads may not be in the best shape, particularly during the early morning cold.

There’s nothing wrong with a winter road trip provided you’re prepared for the worst, says. That includes taking either a prepared emergency kit, or buying individual items, such as battery jumpers and seat belt cutters, to make your own emergency kit. recommends: “And finally, we’ll throw in a couple of safety tips, the two most important pieces of advice that pretty much every safety organization repeats in the hope that we, the overconfident, might get the message. I’ll skip over the whole ‘keep warm by changing positions’ obviousness and get to the two basic rules of surviving being stranded in the winter.

“First, don’t leave your car. Walking through a snowstorm is a really good way to get lost. Or worse. Your car is protection from the storm — relatively easy to find, and as long as you have gasoline, a source of heat. If you’re lost and secluded, think of your car as an emergency shelter.

“And, if you are straying off major — as in, festooned with traffic and roadside service stations — thoroughfares, bring emergency food. No, not Pringles and the week-old, half-eaten slice of pizza you threw onto the rear seat. Raisins and peanuts — better yet, trail mix — are wonderfully compact for how many calories they pack into a small volume, and they stay fresh for eons.”

Of course, it’s best if you don’t get stranded. One way to avoid that is to make sure your car is in tiptop shape and ready for anything. You can do that by taking it to the Millsboro auto care pros at In and Out Tires for a tune up and pre-road-trip check.

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