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In and Out Tires will help maintain your car battery.

As you were walking to your car after work, you were thinking about how hot the steering wheel and seats would be after being parked in the hot sun all day.

What you didn’t expect was to get in your hot car and find that it wouldn’t start. Your battery had died.

It probably won’t make you feel better but you are likely not the only one. Summertime and hot temperatures are notorious for killing car batteries.

“Summer heat is tougher on car batteries than winter’s chill. It may seem counterintuitive, but higher temperatures have a greater impact on the power-generating chemistry inside,” consumerreports.org says. “And it’s not just about air temperature. Hot summer temps drive up the heat under the hood and accelerate the onset of battery failure. As a result, many motorists wind up stuck along the roadside in the summer. AAA reports that it responded to 2.2 million battery-related service calls in the summer of 2020, up from 1.8 million in 2018.”

You can take steps to avoid a dead battery. Those include routine inspections, driving the car regularly to make sure it doesn’t discharge, parking in the shade or a garage, keeping the battery posts clean, and avoid using the battery to run lights, stereo, or accessories when not on, according to consumerrreports.org.

You can get help for battery maintenance or a replacement battery at In and Out Tires.

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