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In and Out Tires will banish the goblins and ghosts from your car engine.

Here it is Halloween and you’re ready to take kids to the Trick or Treat event at the Town Hall tonight to load up on candy and other sugary treats. That is, you’re going to take them if your car behaves. Recently, you’ve been wondering if you’ve picked up a gremlin or poltergeist to plague your engine.

It’s probably not a real gremlin but it sure could feel like one. It’s autumn and changes of season are known to accompany car care woes. In fact, each season seems to have its own special set of issues in addition to the normal  problems car owners can encounter.

Automoblog.com notes one study that examined the phenomenon: “According to the study, spring is the most common time to experience issues with the window motors, window regulators, timing chain, and wheel speed sensors. The timing chain in particular accounts for 44 percent of repairs and will most likely be replaced during the spring.

“By comparison, summer is not just about road trips, beaches, and refreshing drinks. The study also revealed that HVAC failure, broken cooling fans, timing chain repairs, and window lift motors are the most common car issues when the weather gets toasty. During the fall, plunging temperatures will cause problems with the air springs, engine distributor, timing cover gaskets, and heater system.

“The frosty winter season is not without its usual challenges. During this time, your car’s heater system, oil cooler lines, windshield washers, and headlight bulbs will require extra attention.”

You can do some things to prevent problems – things like making sure your oil is changed regularly and that preventive auto care stays on schedule. And, if you do hear, smell, or experience something funny,  get a Millsboro auto care specialist like those at In and Out Tires to take a look asap. You’ll save time and money in the long run.

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