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If your car’s oil pressure light registers high, call In and Out Tires  asap for help before your engine suffers damage.

You were returning from work yesterday when you noticed that one of your dashboard lights had come on indicating that your oil pressure was too high. Thankfully, you were only a block from home so you made it there safely but now you’re not sure if you should drive it to the Irish Eyes Open today.

No, you should not drive it anywhere. Instead, call a Millsboro auto care technician like the auto repair specialists at In and Out Tires for help. And do it quickly before your engine is damaged.

“High oil pressure means that the flow of oil is being restricted in some way,” according to autochimps.com. “This can be a result of either a blockage, a faulty part, or an issue with the oil itself. … The typical pressure range lies between 25 and 65 PSI. When this range is exceeded, something is off and needs to be corrected before damage occurs.”

Autochimps.com adds, “Proper lubrication is crucial to the health of any engine; without it, friction builds and leads to overheating. When this happens, the risk of developing a crack in the engine block, or blowing a head gasket increase.”

The culprit behind high oil pressure could be something as simple as a dirty oil filter or using the wrong grade or poor quality oil. But, the problem could be more serious – a blocked oil passage, a malfunctioning relief valve, or a broken sending unit.

The immediate reason behind your car’s high oil pressure is important, but more urgent is what to do if it happens. If not handled correctly and promptly, your engine could be severely damaged..

“The more consistent pressure there is, the more strain there is on the engine and its components. On a low end, you might have to replace a part or two or have your oil passages cleaned. On the high end, a cracked engine block or blown head gasket,” autochimps.com says. Whatever you do, do not drive your car because when “your oil pressure gauge signals that the pressure is higher than average, it’s telling you that there’s a problem internally. Taking care of the issue right away is the best way to avoid significant repair costs later on.”

The trusted Millsboro auto care specialists at In and Out Tires will take care of your car and get you back on the road.

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