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In and Out Tires can help keep your brakes in top condition so they’re ready to stop when you need them.

You’re planning on heading to Long Neck today for a relaxing walk. But, even though Long Neck isn’t far, you are a bit concerned about your car. Like many others, you haven’t used it a whole lot during the past year, but neither have you been gung ho about auto maintenance.

It takes work and maintenance to keep a car in tiptop shape, especially if you plan to keep driving it for many years to come. It also takes an alert driver who’s aware when the car starts acting a bit weird and makes sure a trusted Millsboro auto repair and auto care mechanic provides service when needed.

Take your brakes, for example. Of course you want your brakes to function but do you know the warning signs that your brakes need repair or replacement? State Farm Insurance points out these “red flags” that could mean your brakes need attention:

Odd noises. If tapping on the brakes causes a high-pitched squealing noise, you need to see a mechanic as soon as possible. Other suspect sounds include scratching, scraping and grinding.

Irregular movements or feeling. If your vehicle pulls hard to the left or right when you stop, one side of your brakes is working optimally and the other isn’t ….

Brakes that sink to the floorboard or pulsate before they function — or a steering wheel that shakes — are also red flags that need attention.

Inability to stop quickly. An increased stopping distance indicates a problem with your brakes.

Warning lights. Perhaps the most obvious red flag: the brake warning light on your dashboard flashes when something is wrong.”

If you notice any of those, it’s time to take your car to a reliable Millsboro auto repair specialist. You can find a trusted Millsboro auto repair technician at In and Out Tires.

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