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”They say every dog has its day; cars, however get two months. ”National Car Care Month” comes around twice a year, every October and April. These months bring attention to the importance of regular preventative car maintenance,”  according to ”After the summer ends, October is an excellent time to check on any wear and tear incurred over the past months and prepare your vehicle for the more hazardous driving conditions typically brought on by winter.”

Having a smooth running car will make it easy to slide into your car, run errands and make impromptu road trips to places like the Seashore State Park, six miles of pristine sand.

Nationwide offers these auto care tips for National Car Care Month:

Replace tires
Checking your tires is a standard way to ring in National Car Care Month. This includes checking tire pressure and the wear on your treads, as well as looking for any cuts or other damage. Any tires exhibiting significant wear or damage should be replaced. You should also have your wheels aligned at least once a year.

Change oil
An oil change is another standard piece of maintenance you can attend to during National Car Care Month. With the advent of modern lubricants, it’s recommended that most vehicles get their oil changed every 5,000 – 7,000 miles.

Check brakes
Your brakes need to be checked on a regular basis, too. Your brakes’ rotors, linings, and drums should be inspected along with every oil change your car receives.

Check fluids
There are a slew of various fluids that need to be checked when you bring your car in for servicing. Make sure your brake, transmission, power steering, coolant and windshield washer fluids are all checked and refilled where necessary.

Routine mechanic visit
A routine visit to your mechanic can be the difference between deciding what to do at your destination and deciding what to do now that your car’s broken down. Use National Car Care Month as an opportunity to schedule an appointment and take care of any preventative maintenance before major problems can occur.”

You can find  a trusted auto care technician at In and Out Tires in Millsboro.

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