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The certified technicians at In and Out Tires can help you get warm again if your car’s heater or defroster isn’t working.

You know how it is these cold mornings. You stay in your nice warm home as long as you can, then you make a run for the car, hoping the heater will warm things up asap. When your car is new, you pretty much get your wish. But as your car ages, it seems to take longer and longer for the hot air to kick in until one day you have no heat.

There are a number of reasons your heater and/or defroster stops working, according to The seven most frequent reasons: a faulty thermostat, low antifreeze/coolant, faulty heater fan, broken blower motor resistor, clogged heater core, leaky radiator, broken HVAC controls, and/or faulty wiring or blown fuses.

Your best bet at this moment is to see the Millsboro auto care specialists at In and Out Tires to track down the problem, get it fixed and get that heater working again.

In and Out Tire Pros is a local, family owned auto care and auto repair service center that Bill and Rita Schrider have built into the top, trusted auto repair, auto care, and auto accessories service center in Millsboro. We are dedicated to giving you the very best auto repair and auto care service, with a focus on upfront and honest quotes, timely response to issues, and quality products and parts.

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