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In and Out Tires can help you if you’re hitting the road on Labor Day weekend.

It’s hard to believe but Labor Day – that last holiday of summer – is just a bit more than two weeks away. If you’re sticking around Millsboro, you might already be searching for fun and different things to do. Or, you might be like thousands of others who are getting ready to take one final road trip to end the summer – maybe a short trip to go zip lining at Lums Pond State Park.

Whether you’re hanging around Millsboro or going elsewhere, you don’t want to spend your time nursing a sick car. That’s why it makes sense to make sure your car gets a pre-roadtrip (or pre-long weekend) checkup before things close down.

“Taking steps to help ensure your vehicle is in good condition prior to a road trip may help you avoid spending your vacation in a repair shop,” insurance company Allstate recommends. “Remember, if you’re uncomfortable inspecting your vehicle or aren’t sure if something is wrong, consult a professional for help.”

Allstate suggests you check (or have checked) these car systems:

  • battery
  • belts and hoses
  • top off fluids
  • replace filters
  • make sure your lights and electrical systems are working
  • check your brakes
  • inspect your tires (including your spare, if you have one)

Allstate adds this tire advice: “Tire inflation may affect your car’s fuel economy. Check the tire pressure before departing for your trip, preferably while the tires are cold.… While you’re at it, you may want to check on the condition of the tire tread by using the penny method…. Insert a penny upside down between the treads on each tire — if you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head on the penny, it may be time for a tire replacement. If you notice uneven wear on all of the tires, that may mean it’s time for a tire rotation or alignment before your trip. Your local mechanic or tire retailer should be able to help with an inspection and recommend corrective action, if needed.”

If you don’t have a trusted Millsboro auto care specialist you can consult, then it’s time to get to know the auto care techs at In and Out Tires.

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