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If your master cylinder isn’t working, then your brakes won’t stop you. In and Out Tires can help repair your master cylinder and braking system.

You were planning on driving over to the Breakwater Lighthouse but you’re hesitating because your brake pedals seem a bit iffy. There’s nothing specific, but the brake pedal just doesn’t seem to be as responsive as usual.

Sounds as if you might have a problem with your master cylinder.

A master cylinder is a crucial component of a vehicle’s braking system. The entire braking system relies on it to do its job. If not, the brakes won’t function, and it will cause a dangerous situation. Your master cylinder must work correctly, and you should have it checked out at the first signs of any issues with your braking system,” according to explains, “First, if you ever experience issues with your brakes, get it to a professional immediately. One of the first signs that your master cylinder is beginning to fail is unusual behavior from your brake pedal. You may notice that the brakes are less responsive or that the pedal doesn’t return in place when you remove your foot from it.

“Another major sign is noticing uneven brake pad wear. This means one set of brake pads will wear down faster than the other. When applying your brakes, you’ll feel the car weaving to one side. You may also notice leaking brake fluid pooling under your car. This could result from a seal leaking in your master cylinder and cause a lack of performance.”

If you’re having trouble with your master cylinder or your brakes, then it’s time to consult a Millsboro brake expert like those at In and Out Tires.

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