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It is not as if the high temperatures are the only thing making driving miserable, now you have noticed a distinct smell when your auto air conditioner is running.

It is not unusual for your auto a/c to smell. It generally happens when the filter gets old and clogged. It is usually a fairly simple fix although the smell could also indicate another problem like a leak.

“Even though you are not likely to experience major car-related issues that often, they are bound to appear at one point. A leaky or overheating engine, faulty suspension, or a worn and torn car axle are all common problems for consumers,” according to adds, “As the air conditioning system is relatively complex, it consists of many parts, all of which can succumb to wear and tear or be damaged otherwise. This, in turn, leads to various symptoms that appear depending on what breaks down. Even though it’s just the vinegary smell now, you may experience entirely new problems later down the track, which include:

“Leaks. Because your conditioner passes the refrigerant through tubes under pressure, everything needs to be sealed tightly. It’s normal for a small leak to occur, but if the amount gets significant, it’s a definite problem.

Faulty Compressor. At one point, you may notice that the conditioner doesn’t cool the air down. It is probably due to a defective compressor that needs replacing.

Multiple Other Parts. Last but not least are the various other parts of the AC. They’re numerous (compressor, evaporator, condenser, hoses, etc.), all of which disrupt the proper functioning of your AC. And although the symptoms are too many to name, you’re likely to notice that something is off anyways.”

Your best move is to let the auto air pros at In and Out Tires evaluate your auto air and track down any problems.

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