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In and Out Tires will help you if your brakes need to  be repaired or replaced.

You were thinking about what special thing you could do for Mothers Day this weekend when the grinding and scraping noise from your brakes interrupted your thoughts. The noise was not the only problem. You also smelled something funny and thought you saw smoke coming from your tires.

That all sounds as if your brake calipers need to be replaced. Other indications you have worn or sticking brake calipers are pulling to one side and reduced fuel economy, according to explains: “A ‘sticking caliper’ is a brake caliper that is stuck in the applied position, failing to release, even in absence of brake pedal application. This causes continual friction between a vehicle’s brake pads and rotors, which in turn, causes a certain degree of constant brake drag.

“In most cases, this constant brake drag will cause a vehicle’s brake pads and rotor at the affected wheel end location to heat beyond typical operational temperatures. This tends to magnify the issue at hand, as metal typically swells when it’s hot. This only increases friction and brake drag as a whole.”

A trusted brake technician – like those at In and Out Tires – can track down the cause of your sticking calipers and repair your brakes.

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