My Brakes Shake! What’s Going On?

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What’s Up With My Brakes?!

You were on your way home from the dog park when it first happened. You braked at an intersection and your car started shaking and and trembling. Yet the car stopped but you’re left wondering what happened and if it’s something you need to worry about. says there are many reasons for a car to shake while stopping. Among them:

  • A tire that is “out of round”
  • front end alignment needs repair
  • damaged axle shaft
  • steering arm needs repair.

Although there are many reasons a car would shudder and shake when stopping, the most likely causes are related to your brakes, according to

The likeliest root cause depends on the type of brakes you have.

A damaged or warped rotor is the most likely culprit in a vehicle with disc brakes. And the rotor can become damaged as a result of normal wear and tear, says.

A car that relies on drum brakes likely has out-of-round drums that can be remedied by machining to restore their roundness or by replacement. And according to, a competent mechanic should be easily able to track down and repair the component.

Auto Care | Brakes | Millsboro Auto Care

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