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If your oil pressure light comes on, it could simply mean you need more oil. Or it could indicate a more serious problem. The certified auto care technicians In and Out Tires can help you with that.

You piled the kids in the car over the weekend for a drive to Rehoboth Beach to see the Christmas lights. You noticed as you were that your oil pressure indicator had come on. Once you applied gas, it went away. You’re not sure if you have a faulty light or if there’s something more serious wrong with your car.

You likely don’t have a lot to worry about. Carsdirect.com points out that, “Low oil pressure at idle only, will most often mean that the engine is low on oil. As more power is applied to the engine via acceleration, the pressure builds up inside the engine. Thereby causing the pressure to read as ‘normal.'”

But don’t rely on that being the case. Low oil pressure can mean other things ranging from high oil temperature to a defective oil pump. Your safest bet is to have a Millsboro auto care specialist like the auto care experts at In and Out Tires change or top off your oil and take a look.

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