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Checking your tire pressure is a little thing, but failing to do it can have big consequences. For tire care, tire repair, or tire replacement, see the Millsboro tire pros at In and Out Tires.

When you started your car on the way home from Cupola Park the other day, your tire pressure light came on and didn’t go off. You glanced at your tires when you got home but they all looked okay. None of them seemed to be going flat. You’ve kind of shrugged off the warning light.

You’re not alone in ignoring your tire pressure, according to a study by Michelin quoted in But it’s not wise.

“While it’s easy to spot some problems with tires and understand their consequences – such as worn tread or damage to the rubber – under inflation isn’t as easy to spot with the naked eye but it can still have serious consequences,” the article says

Not only is low tire pressure a safety concern, it also affects the amount of gas you use, and tire life.

“Driving with incorrect tire pressures can affect a vehicle’s handling and braking, particularly in wet conditions, and can seriously compromise your safety. Driving on severely under-inflated tires can cause heat build-up and eventually a blow-out,” explains. “Under-inflated tires are one of the biggest causes of using excess fuel. Tires that are under-inflated by 15psi have increased rolling resistance, meaning it takes more effort from the engine to move your vehicle. …

“Checking your tire pressures regularly to ensure they are correctly inflated can make a big difference to the longevity of your tires. An under-inflated tire won’t wear evenly, meaning it won’t last as long.”

Many drivers don’t care to check their tire pressure themselves. If you’re one of them – or, if you do check and find out it’s low – then it’s time to see the trusted Millsboro tire gurus at In and Out Tires.

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