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Winter is hard on cars. The first few days of spring are a good time to check out your car to make sure it’s ready for the summertime. In and Out Tires can help you with that.

Now that the weather is improving, you’re eager to get out and about. You’re thinking of trying a bit of antiquing today. But before you get on the road – even locally – you should make sure your car made it through the winter and doesn’t need any service before summer sets in.

Among the items needed checking, according to autotrader.com, are your tires, tread, and the tire pressure. As temperatures change, so can your tire pressure so you want to make sure you’re not driving on over- or under-inflated tires. While your tires are being checked, take a look at their alignment and your car’s suspension.

Tire pressure is especially important in the spring. As air temperatures get cooler during the winter, tire pressures decrease, which probably caused you to fill up your tires during the winter months. But as temperatures get warmer in the spring, tire pressures can rise. If the pressure increases past your manufacturer specification (because you added air during the winter), it can lead to overinflation, which can cause premature tire wear,” autotrader.com explains.

Autotrader.com adds, “Winter is known for being harsh on roads, which can be harsh on your vehicle. If you find yourself frequently traversing roads with huge potholes or rocks that have emerged from the asphalt, it could ruin your car’s alignment or damage suspension components. …

A sure sign that you may need an alignment is if your steering wheel isn’t centered or the car doesn’t track straight. Also, your shocks or struts may need attention if you notice that the vehicle feels like it has a loose or overly soft ride with an extra rebound when going over bumps.”

While your car is being given a once over, don’t forget to see what’s under the hood – look at those filters and belts and make sure fluid levels are where they should be. Don’t overlook your windshield wipers. A winter spent grinding through ice and frost can take their toll.

If you need help checking out your car, or if something is wrong, then call on the trusted Millsboro auto care technicians at In and Out Tires. In and Out Tires can help with the checkup and with any needed repairs.

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