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n and Out Tires can help if you’re having a hard time steering your car or truck.

You were almost home from a jaunt to Rehoboth Beach last night when your car became hard to steer. You figured you might have a flat tire but your tire pressure light was not lit and, when you got out to look, all your tires looked okay.

A flat tire is one reason a car or truck can suddenly become hard to turn. Other reasons include a low level of steering fluid, which could indicate a leak; a broken gearbox; worn out or defective drive belt; bad tire/wheel alignment or other suspension problems; or a failing or malfunctioning power steering pump.

You made it home okay, but you’re wondering if it’s safe to drive your car.

Yes, you can drive with stiff steering, according to, “however, you should bear in mind that driving a car without functional power steering requires more effort to steer the wheels, and you might be endangering your life since you cannot turn the wheel with ease.”

That’s not the case, however, if the cause is a bad power steering pump.

“While you can drive with a bad power steering pump, remember that lack of steering fluid will also damage the steering rack leaving you with a huge replacement cost,” says. “Driving with a bad power steering pump can affect your vehicle handling – making it prone to accident.”

You can find a reliable Millsboro auto repair specialist at In and Out Tires  who can help track down and repair your steering problem.

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