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Whether it’s your battery or alternator, the auto repair experts at In and Out Tires can help you when your car won’t start.

You were all ready to go kayaking this morning, but instead, you found yourself sitting in your driveway with a car that wouldn’t start.

Generally speaking, when your car refuses to start, it’s usually either the battery or alternator that’s causing the problem. That leaves many drivers scratching their heads, but Nationwide insurance says it’s fairly easy to trace the cause.

If it’s your battery, Nationwide says, you’ll notice that your dashboard lights are dim. Nationwide suggests turning on your windshield wipers, lights or automatic windows, then turning them off again.

If the car still won’t start, Nationwide suggests: using “a rag to carefully wipe away any corrosion on the battery and have someone jump-start it. After running the motor for a while, turn the car off. If you can’t get it to restart, this is a sign the alternator is doing its job of keeping the battery working while the motor is running, but the battery isn’t retaining the charge when the alternator has stopped.”

On the other hand, if your alternator is causing the problem, you may have noticed your interior lights gradually dim. Similarly, your headlights will dim when you slow down but brighten as you speed up.

“Did you hear a growling sound before the trouble started? That sometimes occurs before an alternator fails,’ Nationwide says. “Are there signs your alternator is overheating, such as the smell of burning rubber or hot wires? If so, it’s time to replace it.”

Many drivers don’t immediately care what the problem is when their car won’t start. They just want it fixed asap. To do that, call the certified auto repair specialists at In and Out Tires.

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