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When you need new tires, see the Millsboro auto care and tire specialists at In and Out Tires. They can help you with that.

You were headed out to the 5K in Milton when you noticed your tires looked more than a bit worn. You took a closer look and, sure enough, there were bald spots on all four tires. Much as you hate to admit it, you need new tires asap.

Why, you wonder, doesn’t someone invent a tire that never wears out?

The tire technicians at Goodyear are trying to do just that, according to wired.com. The idea is that the tire retreads itself as the tread wears out.

Wired.com explains: “Goodyear’s engineers designed something that works a bit like a stick of lip balm. At the center of the wheel sits a cylindrical, pressurized cartridge filled with liquified, biodegradable tire compound. As the miles stack up and the tread wears down, the pressure differential between the interior of the cartridge and the tire surface draws out the compound. It oozes out of channels radiating from the center to the tread surface automatically, passing through a grid-like frame that molds it into the proper shape. (The system is envisioned as incorporating both tire and wheel, with a non-pneumatic support structure instead of a tire attached to a metal rim.) When exposed to outside air—where the rubber meets the road—the compound hardens, and your tires never go bald.”

Instead of replacing the tire, you’d have to replace the cartridge.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that such a tire is nowhere near being ready for sale or use. Wired.com says, “Goodyear hasn’t made the all-important compound, and getting it to work as described would be complex.”

Perhaps some of the concepts that go into the overall idea could make it to the market sooner rather than later, but, for now, you’re going to have to continue replacing your tires when they wear out.

If you need a Millsboro auto care and tire specialist to help you choose the best tires for you and your car or truck, then see the Millsboro auto care and tire technicians at In and Out Tires. In and Out Tires carries all makes, models and size tire to fit any vehicle or driving style. And, if your tires aren’t worn out, see the Millsboro auto care and tire technicians at In and Out Tires for tire care to help them last longer.

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