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Funny smells can help you diagnose if something is wrong with your car. In and Out Tires will help you with that!

When you first buy a car, one of the things you’re in love with is that new car smell. But that smell fades and is sometimes replaced by smells that aren’t so good. You noticed one of those smells yesterday on the way home from seal watching at Rehoboth Bay.

It’s wise as a driver to pay attention to those smells because they can sometimes act as a warning about what’s wrong with your car. Livewire.com explains, “When your car smells a little off, it’s trying to tell you something. Like the distinctive sound of a rattling timing chain or clicking of a bad CV joint, bad car smells often indicate that there’s something wrong somewhere in your car. Paying close attention to the way your car smells can help you track down the culprit and fix it.”

Livewire.com offers these eight smells and their possible origin:

  • A harsh, acrid smell could indicate your brakes or clutch needs attention.
  • A sweet, maple-syrupy smell could mean your heater core is leaking.
  • Musty smells can mean that water is getting into places it shouldn’t be.
  • A smell of burning oil could mean you have an oil leak.
  • A smell of sulfur, or rotting eggs, could mean your catalytic converter is broken.
  • A raw gas smell likely means you have a gas leak.
  • A smell of smoke or cigarettes likely means someone has been smoking in your car.
  • A rotting smell could indicate that your groceries or fast food rolled under the seat and is now, well, inedible.

If you smell something off and you can’t track it down, it’s time to call the trusted Millsboro auto repair experts at In and Out Tires.

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