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The right tire depends on many things – your car, your location, and your driving style and needs. In and Out Tires can help you choose the right tires for your car.

It’s that time of year in Millsboro when the weather can’t seem to make up its mind – one day it’s like spring. Another day and it’s snowing. Still another, the wind is blowing in a new front. It can make it hard to decide what to wear. It can also make it hard to decide when to switch from winter to all-weather or summer tires.

While you’re trying to decide when to change your tires, you also need to be deciding whether you can simply change back to the tires you were using last summer or whether you need to replace them with new tires. If you opt for new tires, you have to decide what type tire is best for you and your car. Because the type of tire does matter.

“There are lots of good tire choices, but the right one depends on your car, where you live, and your driving needs and style,” consumerreports.org says.

Consumer Reports explains that “Each tire type has strengths and limitations.”

Why type matters, according to Consumer Reports:

  • “All-season tires are made to perform well in a wide range of conditions and achieve a long tread life.
  • “Performance all-season tires tend to grip better and provide better handling—but sometimes at the expense of longevity.
  • “UHP all-season and UHP summer tires deliver the ultimate in road holding but have an even shorter tread life.
  • “The general rule is that higher-performance tires cost more and wear faster, leading to a greater cost per mile.”

Consumer Reports concludes, “But it’s usually best to stick with the type of tire that came on your car when you bought it. Downgrading to another tire type to save money could hurt your car’s braking and handling performance.”

The easiest way to figure out the best tire for you and your car is to consult with the Millsboro tire specialists at In and Out Tires.

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