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Car batteries suffer in cold weather. Check with In and OutTires to see if your battery needs help.

If you think it’s been cold so far, brace yourself. Forecasters say it’s about to get worse. They’re predicting that Millsboro’s overnight temperatures will drop into the teens. It’s going to be so cold that auto care experts and police are suggesting you get your car battery checked now to see if it needs charging or replacement before the freeze sets in.

Batteries are notorious for succumbing to time off and to cold weather. But, suggests there are ways to help get your battery through the weeks of cold weather:

  • “Drive your car often and on more than just quick trips.
  • “Disconnect or turn off accessories when the car is parked.
  • “Where applicable check the fluid level of the battery, but never overfill it.
  • “Ensure the battery terminals are clean and dry.
  • “Never let the battery sit to the point of becoming discharged.
  • “Make sure the battery is secure to prevent vibration damage.
  • “Try not to drain your battery by leaving the lights or other accessories on.
  • “Check the date code on your battery. If it’s over five years old, you’ll want to keep a closer eye on its health.
  • “Make sure your battery’s voltage stays above 12.4 volts.”

If that sounds like a bit much, the easier thing to do is to take your car to see the trusted Millsboro battery technicians at In and Out Tires. They can check the health of your battery and replace it if necessary. They can also run an overall check of your car to see how it’s doing in the cold.

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