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Extreme heat is hard on your car. Preventive maintenance will help your car make it through the hot summertime.

Millsboro hit it lucky this the week as far as temperatures are concerned. Rain in the forecast has held off the sweltering heat that has descended on other areas of the country. But forecasters warn that is likely to change next week as the temperatures and humidity climb, making life miserable for everyone from humans to animals and even your car.

That’s right, hot weather is rough on your car and can damage it if you don’t take care.

”Beyond making your legs stick to your leather seats, the heat can cause serious problems for drivers. As summer approaches, it’s important to prepare for the hot weather ahead. The most important thing to do to keep heat-related problems away is to maintain your car,” according to the driver education site says you should pay especial attention to these system during hot weather: level of all fluids from coolant to oil and in between; have your car’s belts and hoses checked; check your battery and change it if it’s older or has problems; monitor your tire pressure: and make sure your auto air is working.

“Having the right amount of coolant for your engine is essential, but on extremely hot summer days, having a vehicle interior that is cool enough for you to actually drive in is important too,” says. “Before the heat hits too hard, make sure your air conditioning system is running properly. If your vehicle has a cabin air filter, have it inspected (and replaced, if necessary) so that you can get the most out of your cooling system.”

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Millsboro Auto Care | Millsboro Auto Repair | In and Out Tire Pros

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