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The right tire pressure is important for auto performance and safety.

If you’ve ever read, heard, or been told anything at all about car care, it’s probably included this piece of advice – keep your tires properly inflated. You don’t want them under- or over-inflated. Like Goldilocks’ porridge, the inflation needs to be just right.

You may have wondered what the big deal is. Who cares if your tires are a bit flat or a bit balloon-like?

It matters because tire pressure affects your car’s performance, safety and the life of your tires.

Supa Quick, a South African auto care company, explains: “Both over- and under-inflation reduce optimum tire-to-road contact and shorten tire life.

“Over-inflation, like under-loading, reduces the cushioning power of your tires. They are then more susceptible to impact, penetrations and abrasions as well as reduced road-tyre contact. This negatively affects the handling characteristics of the vehicle and leads to excessive center tread wear.

“Under-inflation, like overloading, causes excessive flexing of the tires’ sidewalls, which leads to overheating, and, ultimately, casing break-up and tread separation. Also, the reduced tire-road contact leads to shoulder wear and badly affects vehicle handling. And never forget, under-inflation is the major cause of tire blowouts!”

That goes whether you’re on the highway or just puttering around town to go to Millsboro Pond or some other attraction.

Supa Quick advises you to check your tire pressure every two weeks or at least every time you fill up. Don’t be surprised if you have to add air because, as Supa Quick points out, tires lose about one pound of pressure every month with normal use.

While you’re checking the pressure, you should also eyeball your tires to check for wear, cracks, nails or other foreign object, bulges, or blisters in your tires. If your tires consistently lose a lot of air, or if you see signs of wear or other flaws, then it’s time to call the Millsboro tire experts at In and Out Tires.

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