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In and Out TIres will help you if your car battery succumbs to Millsboro’s late summer hot weather.

Autumn is on the doorstep, but you’d be hard pressed to know that to judge by the temperatures, which are projected to reach into the 90s this coming week. Those temperatures are hard on humans and pets, but they’re also hard on cars, especially car batteries.

“When you think of a dead car battery, you probably think about it being the dead of winter. You try to start your car one frigid morning and nothing happens,” according to “It’s true that battery failures can occur in cold weather but that’s not usually what has caused the problem. The drain on the battery’s resources most likely occurred during the summer’s hot weather.” adds that, “According to the Car Care Council, a group representing automotive repair shops, your battery is more likely to fail in summer than in winter.”

The culprit, according to, is the hot weather that causes the fluid inside the battery to evaporate, which then damages the battery.

The best thing a driver can do is to regularly check the battery to make sure it has enough fluid and to make sure it’s still fully charged. Drivers who don’t wish to do their own testing can have their batteries checked by a trusted Millsboro  auto care pro like the reliable auto care technicians at In and Out Tires.

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