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In and Out Tires can help if your auto air conditioner isn’t cooling things off.

The summer has been a scorcher and, according to the weather folks, while cooler than it has been, it will be hot through this Labor Day weekend. While it would be really nice to have much cooler temperatures, you’re not particularly concerned, at least as long as your auto air conditioning is working.

But is it? Lately, it seems as if the air blowing from your auto a/c is not as cold as it once was. You’re not sure, however, if that’s your imagination.

“If you have the air conditioning switched on, the temperature turned down, the fan cranked up, and the air coming out of the vents doesn’t seem as cold as it used to, it may not be your imagination,” according to “It can be an early sign that something is wrong with your air conditioning system. The two most likely problems are a leak in the system that is causing it to lose refrigerant or a faulty AC compressor.”

Other indications that you might have a problem with your auto air are noises coming from under the hood, specifically a squealing sound,  which can indicate a frozen compressor bearing. The squealing is caused by a drive belt that is no longer able to spin because the compressor is stuck. notes that compressors can many times be repaired, but adds, “it is most often a better procedure to replace the faulty compressor with a new one. It is not only the most time-effective solution to the problem, but it will also most often result in a better, more durable repair.”

If you don’t have a Millsboro auto repair technician you can trust to help you, then get to know the auto repair specialists at In and Out Tires.

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