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Regular, preventive auto care will keep your car functioning at peak performance. If you happen to forget, or delay, scheduled maintenance, your car might remind you by breaking down.

One of the most irritating things in life is to get into your car and find that it’s hard to start. Almost as bad is to have your car stall. It’s even worse when you’ve loaded the car for a trip, a picnic, or kayak trip. Not only do you have to deal with why your car is misbehaving but you also may have to unpack it before you even leave your home just so you can take the car to a mechanic.

You can avoid many of those frustrating moments by sticking to a schedule for regular maintenance, or tune ups. If you forget to get the car tuned up, it’s going to eventually tell you it needs one. 

“Refer to your owner’s manual for recommended tune-up intervals, but be aware that even if it says that the vehicle doesn’t require scheduled tune-ups very often, it’s in your best interest to check periodically that your vehicle is working at peak efficiency,” says. “If you do a lot of stop-and-go driving or pull heavy loads (like a camper or boat), your ignition system may need to be tuned more often.”

How does your car tell you when it’s overdue for a tune up?

Well, it may stall a lot. Or it might run rough when you accelerate or idle the car. Or, it can be harder to start, if, as says, “The problem [is] in the starting system {for example, a weak battery}, in the fuel system {for example, a weak fuel pump}, or in the ignition system, or … due to a faulty electronic component, such as the electronic control unit.”

It’s wisest to avoid these issues by a spot of regular maintenance. 

If you’re looking for a trusted auto care mechanic to perform that regular maintenance – or repair or catch-up maintenance – look no further than the reliable auto care specialists at In and Out Tires.

In and Out Tire Pros is a local, family owned auto care and auto repair service center that Bill and Rita Schrider have built into the top, trusted auto repair, auto care, and auto accessories service center in Millsboro. We are dedicated to giving you the very best auto repair and auto care service, with a focus on upfront and honest quotes, timely response to issues, and quality products and parts.

Millsboro Auto Care | Millsboro Auto Repair | Millsboro Tune Up | In and Out Tire Pros

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