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In and Out Tires can help you if your radiator springs a leak.

You were headed out to take a driving tour of Christmas lights last night when  you noticed a puddle under your car. You’re not 100 percent sure, but you’re pretty sure that puddle was not there when you parked. You’re afraid your car has sprung a leak.

A puddle under your car could mean several things from a broken hose to a bad water pump to problems with your car’s heating and cooling system.

“You may see coolant under a car if there’s a problem with the radiator. It may be green, orange, pink, red or yellow,” according to Other indications you have radiator problems: “A vehicle overheating multiple times may be an indicator that the radiator is failing. Keep in mind that just because it’s overheating doesn’t mean the radiator is bad. The coolant needing to be changed is another possible reason. …

“As we mentioned, sometimes coolant simply needs to be replaced or topped off. But if you’re noticing a recurring low coolant issue, there may be a leak in the radiator.”

You need to have a trusted Millsboro auto repair technician like those at In and Out Tires take a look. You don’t want to put it off. If your car runs hot, then you’re jeopardizing your entire engine. It’s easier – and less expensive – to replace a hose and/or a radiator than to rebuild or replace an engine.

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