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Potholes and rough roads can harm your car’s shocks, struts, or springs, resulting in an uncomfortable ride. In and Out Tires can restore your car’s comfortable ride.

It’s no secret that some of Delaware’s streets are showing the effect of the rough winter weather with potholes of all sizes making roads and parking lots hazardous for drivers. Not only do potholes make for tricky, uncomfortable driving, they can damage your car making a vehicle that rode well into an uncomfortable, eye-jiggling experience for your passengers.

While potholes and other road imperfections can damage tires and knock your wheels out of alignment, some of the worst damage can happen to the struts, springs and/or shocks that make up your car’s suspension system.

“Struts refer to a type of suspension while shocks and springs are a component of all suspension assemblies,” explains. “Shock absorbers are mechanical devices designed to decrease the impact of riding on a road….

“Springs are coils that absorb vertical impact. Similar in function to the shocks, springs are designed quite differently. Consisting of a large rod of metal shaped into a helix, springs are capable of absorbing large amounts of energy. However, springs do not absorb small impacts well. If a car only had springs and no shock absorbers, the small bumps in the road would be intolerable. Springs are typically found in all suspension systems.

“Struts are a type of suspension system present in many cars. MacPherson struts are the most common form of strut suspension that use a shock absorber as the steering pivot.”

Damage to any one part of the suspension system can affect your car’s ride, taking it from a smooth experience to a rough ride that causes every bump in the road to be felt all the way up your spine.

If your car doesn’t ride as well as it once did, you need to consult a Millsboro auto repair expert who can help track down and repair the problem. You can find a trusted Millsboro auto repair technician at In and Out Tires.

If you’re looking for a Millsboro auto repair technician to help you, then look no further than the auto repair specialists at In and Out Tires.

In and Out Tire Pros is a local, family owned auto care and auto repair service center that Bill and Rita Schrider have built into the top, trusted auto repair, auto care, and auto accessories service center in Millsboro. We are dedicated to giving you the very best auto repair and auto care service, with a focus on upfront and honest quotes, timely response to issues, and quality products and parts.

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