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Almost every car has at least four filters. Replacing them when needed is an easy way to help keep your car running smoothly.

You were on your way home from a Mother’s Day lunch outing when you began smelling fuel. You checked for leaks and such when you got home but found nothing. Now you’re wondering what could be wrong.

Many things could be causing that smell. One of the easiest to fix is the air filter. It’s one of at least four filters found in most cars. The ultimate goal of all four filters – air, fuel, oil, cabin – is to keep debris and gunk out of your engine so your car can run smoothly.

“A car engine can’t work properly without clean air, oil and fuel. The engine is kept clean by filters that are able to keep out contaminants while letting clean air and liquids pass through,” says. “Knowing how these filters work and when you should change them is an essential part of driving and maintaining your vehicle. Dirty filters can lead to serious mechanical problems over time that are easily preventable.”

Each of the filters has a set lifespan and needs to be changed periodically. The timing depends on your car and, to an extent, on your driving. Generally speaking, filters get changed at the right time when you’re diligent about regular maintenance and auto care. But, if you’re like most of us, you sometimes let that lag and end up with car trouble.

If it’s time – or past time – to change any or all of your filters, then you should see the Millsboro auto care specialists at In and Out Tires.

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