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If your catalytic converter becomes clogged or is stolen, In and Out Tires will replace it.

You haven’t gotten out much in recent days because of the weather. But over the weekend, you headed to the store to stock up and to buy nibbles for the Super Bowl. The shopping itself went well and you got most of what you wanted.

The problem was your car – it was extremely loud when starting and you could smell exhaust fumes, which is unusual.

Uh oh. That sounds like a problem with your emissions system. Or worse, it means you’ve become the victim of catalytic converter theft.

“Catalytic converters are designed to act as a line of defense against harmful exhaust emissions by turning pollutants into harmless gasses. The technology used in these emission control devices includes many precious metals — like platinum, palladium or rhodium – making them a valuable item to steal and resell,” according to allstate.com. “You may not be able to tell your catalytic converter was stolen by looking at your car, but you’ll know as soon as you start the engine. When the catalytic converter has been removed, your vehicle will make a loud roaring sound that’ll get louder as you push the gas pedal.”

Catalytic converter theft is a nationwide problem. If you become a victim, there’s not much you can do except report it to the police and get your converter replaced by a trusted auto repair shop like In and Out Tires.

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