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In and Out Tires will repair that oil leak before it does major damage to your engine.

You had grand plans for the day – a trip to let the kids work off their energy at Rehoboth State Park and dinner out. But when you went to get in your car this morning, you noticed a puddle of oil. You’e not sure if that’s an emergency style auto repair or if it can wait.

It’s not a problem that can wait. At least not for very long.

“Have you ever found yourself facing a low engine oil warning shortly after topping up? Maybe you’ve found oil leak stains spotting the ground where your car was parked. Pay close attention, because these are signs of car oil leak, and trying to drive a vehicle with a major oil leak – even a short distance – can do massive damage to your engine. Driving with low engine oil could mean depriving your vehicle of lubrication and stopping heat from circulating, leading to major drops in engine performance,” says.

“The good news is that most car oil leaks start small. In fact, a puddle between 1 to 2 inches in diameter, or what’s referred to as ‘seepage,’ usually don’t represent an immediate threat to your engine.”

Oil leaks can result from reasons as varied as a cracked gasket to a faulty oil filter to prolonged driving in severe weather or other conditions, according to

Your best move is to take your car to a trusted Millsboro auto repair technician like those at In and Out Tires and have them repair the leak.

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