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You expect your car to start when you want to go somewhere. If it doesn’t, the auto repair experts at In and Out Tires will help.

You jump in your car to head to Cape Henlopen State Park, you push the ignition button and … nothing. If you’re like most of us, you’re going to instantly blame your battery or maybe your alternator, but you could be wrong. The problem might lie with your ignition – whether it’s the push button or the mechanical (keyed) kind.

“Mechanical switches, including the ignition lock assembly, simply wear out over time … If your car suddenly stalls while you’re driving, refuses to start, and/or starts but immediately stalls, your ignition switch is faulty …. Other symptoms include difficulty removing or putting in the key and trouble turning on the accessories,” according to motorbiscuit.com.

Motorbiscuit.com adds, “Mechanically, push-button start systems are simpler, but they have their own failure modes. For example, the fob’s battery can die, or the fob can de-sync from the car … And the starter relay isn’t a digital component; it has mechanical parts that can break … Once that happens, you’ll experience the same symptoms noted above.”

Of course, it could be an issue with another component like the starter motor.Your best bet is to find a trusted Millsboro auto repair technician to track down the problem and fix it. You can find a reliable Millsboro auto repair specialist at In and Out Tires. 

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